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    -- Report for the work in Ghana                                                                       Morgan’s—27 years                           

                                Supplement Report                                                           

                                                                                                                                    Linda and Larry

It has been such a stressful four weeks as the need for preparation in regards to the container is so important.  It has always been a difficult task but with the oil and gas discoveries in our region and the extreme increase in greed and covetousness, trying to work with the different authorities has become a nightmare. 

As I told you previously, the arrival date for the container has changed many times.  It finally arrived on the 8th of August.  We have been trying to get the correct documents for several weeks as Missionary Expediters did not do their work correctly.  They even told me the container was on the way when in reality it was still in Houston.  I highly recommend you not use their “services” if possible.  The container sat at the port because we did not have the documents for which I had been pleading with “Missionary Expediters” to send.  The shipping office here finally received an email allowing the clearing without the original bill of Laden but we had to pay dock rental fees because of the expediters.  The clearing process began on Monday and we were able to bring the container out yesterday. 

Our Father is amazing.  Each branch of the government must inspect and clear the container before it is allowed to leave the port.  Air force, army, navy, drug enforcement, police,  the harbor security and customs are among the many who wish to obtain their share.  We were doing pretty well as God provided a high ranking customs man who helped us.  However, the port security people were giving us problems.  

Mr. Tayo, a faithful businessman in the local church, was present with us all day.  He teaches the various branches of the government through different seminars on varied business related subjects.  When the port officials came to the container, Mr. Tayo turned around and the head man from the port saluted him as they were good friends.  Wow, it is amazing how God works.  The confidence that the Port authority had in Mr. Tayo was enough for them to allow us to leave the port with the container and without having to unpack and repack the entire shipment there only to move it to the location where we would have to unpack it for the last time. 

We are thankful for your prayer concerning the container.  I do not know if there is damage to the electronic portion of the goods because of the extended time it was in the container and in great heat in the Middle East.  We will see and trust as it all belongs to our Father. 

You continue to be such a blessing to the Morgan’s as you remember us in prayer.

          God’s Work always brings amazement and awe as He continually reveals His power and greatness and desire to see all men come to the savior who will give them peace.   

Answered Prayer:

Container finished and resting at home

Quota Approval

Some of the funds needed for the roof.

Funds for the container expenses

Prayer Request:

Roof for the building

Liberian Mission (have received $ 300 so far)

FM license

Construction on the building—continuing

New School--

Thank you for your faithfulness, your prayer and support.

Sincerely,                                                                Larry and Linda Morgan --Ps 71:18       


As you can see the container has been loaded and sent to the port.  We are also being ‘loaded’ and preparing to be sent to the ‘airport’.  God willing, we will leave on the 31st.  The Quota has been signed and the passports prepared with ‘entry visas’ and we are packing. 

I would like to thank you for your kindness, patience and prayer.  Please do not stop praying as we will be in the midst of trials when we arrive as you have seen from the previous report.  There are so many open doors and challenges in Ghana. 

It is a blessing to share with you the good news that our Father has called Adam and Kelly Rosenbalm to work with us there in Ghana.  They are out of the Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church and Adam is the son of longtime friends, Brother and Mrs. Earl Rosenbalm.  They will begin deputation very soon and we hope you will be praying for them.

The work is great.  Please pray with us as we continue the current ministries and proceed with the new ministries as God opens the doors.

God willing, we will start the new school in September and hopefully the new mission in Liberia by the end of the year.   

          As our Father leads, we need help with the mission there in Liberia.  

Thank you for your faithfulness, your prayer and support.

Sincerely,                                                                Larry and Linda Morgan --Ps 71:18


















1989            West African News       2011

                                  --April 2011 -- Report for the work in Ghana                                                                                                                               Morgan’s—22 years                                                                       Linda and Larry


            I want to thank each of you for praying and request that you continue to do so as our Father is answering the prayer. 

            After many years of praying for our Father’s will concerning the radio station, He has opened the door which will give us the privilege of purchasing the FM license.  Last month one of our supporting churches was led by our Lord to send the funds so that we can proceed with this ministry.  The next step is for our Father to touch one of the hearts there in Ghana as he touched the heart of Cyrus in Ezra’s day, so they will sell their unused license to us.  There are many which are not being used but finding one which can be purchased is the challenge.  One American man has one there in the same town where we are working but he has not been willing to even consider it.  Please pray with us about this.  One of our African businessmen is working on this at this time.  A radio station would among other things, give us the opportunity to provide millions of folks who cannot read,  the opportunity to hear the Word of God read at various times during the day.  The Word of God is the key to all success for the Christian and the only door of Salvation for the lost. 

            A lady came to our children’s academy bringing her two boys.  She had been told that if she would bring them, there would be a visual difference within three months.  She returned to the school after the boys had been in the school for one month expressing her thankfulness for the results that was already apparent her sons.  At that point, she also requested information concerning the church.  This is a great illustration as to the main purpose for establishing the academy.  It is even more wonderful when we tell you that she and her family are Muslims.  Our purpose for establishing the academy was so the young adults who were beginning their families would bring their babies to us and so they would hear the gospel and be saved.  The best way to help children is for their parent s to be saved. 

            The last report told you about the business college that after its conception would bring many of the high school graduates to us.  We have received word from the board which will accredit the college that we should continue with our plans and start the college. They also told us that we would need to have a library for the college to be accredited. I am trying to find books for that purpose at this time.   In February, we told you about the college which had allowed us to purchase many items at a much reduced price and had even given us a considerable number of items which will help with the new school.  It is good to be able to report that our Father has provided the funds to ship these items to Ghana.  At this time we are working on filling the container and preparing for the shipment. 


Our quota has not been signed.  I explained the quota to you a couple of reports ago and the reason we were waiting for the signature.  Brother Tayo, an African businessman who is working on this for us, has been to immigration and really believes that it may be signed by the end of April.  However, we have applied for the entry visa from the consulate so that we can return the first of May, if God is willing.  This may be a problem as the government could only allow us to stay for 6-9 months on this type of visa.  Also, if the quota is signed while we are in the country we may have to leave so that we can return to the country using the quota.  I do not know but feel that we should not wait much longer.

I received word that the one who owns the house we have rented for these 12 years has doubled the rent.  We have to pay a year in advance for the rent and I save the funds monthly so we can do this.  This is a considerable increase in the amount that will be needed June 1 so the rent can be paid. Need prayer.

            We purchased the partially completed building in the year 2000.  All of the paperwork was completed through the lands department and the funds were paid as required according to the sale.  We were told that the only step necessary to get the documents in order was for the previous owner to pay the back land rent.  He promised to do that and the agent told me he would stand good for this.  The agent was my friend and a blessing to us so many times.  Well, Ben died and the man still has not paid the rent.  Three years ago I went to lands to correct this problem and get it finalized.  After these three years and paying ‘fees’, we have finally been told that the original sale of the land to the first owner was not done correctly.  (This is not what the same department told me the first time).  Now they are telling us that we will have to pay the land rent, the amount has not been given,  and they will charge approximately $ 2,000 to put everything in order.  It seems that the devil never stops.  The problem is that they have been to the building and witnessed what our Father has done with it and are wanting their portion of the blessing.  Need prayer. 

            In 2002, the mission purchased some land where we had hoped to put the Bible School.  Since then we have been attacked by the one who sold us the property several times.  He has been in and out of jail for extortion through the years.  He also has cheated his family out of their portion of the funds we paid for the property.  One of the women who had land there has taken us to court three times trying to make the mission pay for what the head of the family had taken from her.  We are currently in court again.  She has hired a lawyer and named me and the head of the family as co-whatever and her purpose is to coerce me to pay what the man owes.  Because she took this to the higher court, we had to hire another lawyer.  The lawyer looked over the documents and has told us that she has no case.  (This was right after he took $ 400.00 from us.)  Need prayer.  Oh yes, we received a letter from the head of the family who took the funds.  He has threatened to kill me, among other things and been involved in this attack for 9 years.  The letter stated that he is very sick, dying and wants me to forgive him.  I don’t know???   Since I am not in the country I have requested that some go and see him concerning salvation as he may be ready to listen. 

God willing, by the end of this year we could see the college started, the radio station broadcasting and the new mission in Liberia a reality.  I am thankful to report that other than the above there is nothing happening in Ghana.

Thank you for you faithfulness, your prayers, your support and the love for our Lord and compassion for the lost which is the basis for all service.

So many are on your prayer lists but Linda and I need prayer.  The spirit is willing but the flesh is weakening. 

                Current Ministries: 

Bible Institute,

Three radio broadcasts,

2 missions,

Baptist Academy (approximately 175 students at this time),

Baptist Girls home,


New Ministries we hope to see begin this year.


Mission in Liberia

                Business College

                Radio Station (do not want to give up hope)


Linda and I love you—thank you for allowing us to be part of your service to our Lord.


Sincerely,                                                                Larry and Linda Morgan --Ps 71:18                              U.S contact cell phone--Larry 417-569-0019

                                    Linda 417-569-9963     




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                  **SPRING VALLEY BAPTIST CHURCH, Box 161309, Ft. Worth, TX. 76161

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